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Air transport history Air transport was known more than 114 years ago, on December 17, 1903, the…
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Sea transport history Sea transport was known more than five thousand years ago, marked by the…
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Logistics Solutions

Wooden Pallet Packaging

The solution helps ensure the safety of exported goods during transport, especially fragile commodity.

Trucking Service

Transport services by trucks, tractor trailer or trains of Mison Trans will help customers transporting goods by road in Vietnam

Warehousing and Storage

With Warehousing and Storage Solution of Mison Trans which helps customers reduce storage cost, demurrage cost to the lowest for FCL, LCL and bulk cargo

Customs Clearance Service

With a experts team of in customs clearance, we confidently counseling and provide solutions to cargo be clearanced quickly and conveniently!

International Transportation

Sea freight and air freight services bring more flexibility for import and export goods

Global Logistics Service

With agent system are expanding, Mison Trans makes sure to provide services for export and import goods on global scale

Mison Trans - International Transport - Global Forwarding

Finding provider is providing Export Import Services, let call to Mison Trans!

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The role of transport in the freight

Fabrics can download an important function, especially in the transportation of goods. Any process of social production also requires the participation of transport. No transport…

How’s truck to set standards?

According to Circular 42/2014 / TT-BGTVT newly issued MOT 15/9, truck and tipper truck covered roof, car and truck cisterns must meet a number of new provisions. New regulations…

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