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Sea transport history

Sea transport was known more than five thousand years ago, marked by the historic journeys of Columbus, Diaz and Magellan. They were pioneers to unlock the sea lanes in the world at that time and that is the premise for shipping to develop outstanding today.

Superiority of Sea transport

Sea transport has helped global trade boom, when shipping between coastal countries or indirectly become more convenient and quickly.

Moreover transportation of goods by sea is also known as method of transportation cheapest used in international trade, and also transports most goods, from general and dangerous, to all kinds of military, … From small weight about few hundred up to several hundred thousand tons, So depending on the weight and the volume of shipments, Mison Trans are consulting and provide less than container sea transport services (LCL) for the small package about a few hundred kg or a few tons; or container sea transport services (FCL), including the container 20′, 40′, 45 ‘; and if shipments from a few hundred tons to thousands of tons, bulk cargo sea transport service will meet the needs of customers.

Responsibility of the seller or buyer

Depending on agreement of foreign trade contract about delivery terms (base on Incoterms 2010), the seller will be responded handle sea transport (book shipping service) when delivery term is CNF (or CFR), CIF (the seller is responsible for buying sea transport insurance); or when the delivery term in foreign trade contract is FAS or FOB, the buyer is responsible for shipping cargo by sea. According to the terms of delivery on foreign trade contract, Mison Trans will be providing transport services from port to port (CY to CY), transport from seller’s warehouse to port of buyers (Door to CY) or vice versa ; from seller’s warehouse to buyer’s warehouse (door to door) or vice versa.

Talent of Trans Mison

Until now, Mison Trans is a sea transport service company which be trusted and used of 58 regularly customers, and its increasing 5% – 10% per monthly.

Mison Trans’s oversea agent system is 20 companies of 14 countries and territory, and system is constantly expanding. Every year, Mison Trans provides export-import service over 2,400 tons of cargo for client, and an annual increase of over 15%. Since founded, Mison Trans is going through five years and development, with staff of experienced, dynamic, enthusiasm, responsibility, Mison Trans is well responsive the needs of customers, achieving absolute satisfaction even the most discerning customers.

A few images of Mison Trans export import services

Dịch vụ xuất khẩu gạch nguyên container của Mison Trans

Dịch vụ nhập khẩu thuyền Kayak door-to-door LCL của Mison Trans

Dịch vụ nhập khẩu vải không dệt door-to-door FCL của Mison Trans

Dịch vụ nhập khẩu thép tròn nguyên container của Mison Trans

Benefits of Mison Trans sea transport services

– Counseling service about imports and exports service, customs clearance.

– Tax of imports and exports cargo.

– Support customers to check the term of the foreign trade contract

– Support customer process international payments (T/T, L/C, …)

– Consulting sea transport solution savings and fastest

Simplify the process shipping and international delivery

– Optimize the choice routes and transit to place in the world by combining many modes transport (Multimodal transport)

– Consultancy and quotes on insurance fee (Type A, B, C)

– Responsive all the requirements of customers about mass, time and prices when used services of Mison Trans

– Control to minimize the problem late train (delay)

Regularly update schedules, freight rates

Please contact directly with the Customer Service Department of Trans Mison according to information as below or leave Email with your phone number and email address. We will contact you immediately. Sincerely thanks!

Contact Mison Trans

Head Office: 200 National Road 13 (Old), Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC, VN

Office: 13 Street No. 7, Cityland Center Hills, Go Vap District, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: +84-28-62941726

Hotline: +84-903601713 (Mr. Phụng – Director)

E-mail: Lp@misontrans.com

Website: https://misontrans.com/

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