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Import and export documents are required

Cần chuẩn bị các giấy tờ phù hợp để việc xuất - nhập khẩu của bạn trở nên thuận tiện hơn

Import and export documents are required


The economy is developing more and more, business activities are more active, especially in the field of import and export, so the licensing of import and export requires quick and timely.
So what kind of licenses should be prepared to make your business work better? The article below will provide some background information for your reference.

Cần chuẩn bị các giấy tờ phù hợp để việc xuất - nhập khẩu của bạn trở nên thuận tiện hơn

It is needed to prepare the suitable documents in import – export sides to help your trading becomes more convenient.

The import and export licenses required:

1. Compulsory documents.

These are almost compulsory import-export documents for any shipment.
-Commercial contracts (Sales Contract): is the agreement text of the buyer and the seller and the parties involved in the establishment, change or terminating the obligations in commercial activities. In this document there will be contents related to information of buyers, sellers, goods, terms of delivery, payment, …
-Trading Invoice (Commercial Invoice): is the export papers issued to charge the buyer for shipment according to the contract agreement. Basically, the Commercial Invoice would have these main contents: the number and the billing date; name, address of the seller and the buyer; commodity information such as description, quantity, unit price, amount; delivery conditions; payment conditions; loading and discharging port, stacking; ship name, flight number.
-Commodity Details (Packing List): is the document that represents the packaging of a shipment. It shows how many packages, weight and capacity, …
– Bill of Lading: is a document transported by the carrier, signed and issued to the consignee. In which confirms he has received an amount of goods for transport by ship and ensure that the goods are delivered to the right person.
– Customs Declaration: is an important information that both importer and exporter should declare on ECUSS 5 software. Its detail about information, quantity, specification of importing or exporting goods; it’s also required for import and export goods declaration to the customs authority to every eligible export-import into a country.

Giấy tờ cần thiết cho một lô hàng xuất nhập khẩu

All the required documents for an import – export shipment.

2. Discretionary documents.

These documents according to commercial contracts that may or may not.
-Proforma Invoice: It is to confirm that the documents show that the goods are paid to the seller for payment at the specific price.
– Letter of Credit: It is issued by the bank at the request of the importer, commit the seller to payment of a certain amount, within a specified period, if the exporter presents. a set of valid vouchers.
– Insurance Certificate: a document issued by the insurer to the insured person in order to legalize the insurance contract and to regulate their relations. In particular, insurance organizations receive compensation if any loss occurs because of the risk that both parties agreed in the insurance contract. In addition, the insured must be paid to the insurer a certain amount called the premium.
– Certificate of Origin: is the paper determines the original source of the goods is produced in a territory or country. This is also quite important because help shippers are entitled to a special tax or tax reduction.
– Phytosanitary Certificate: is certified by quarantine authorities to confirm the shipment of export and import has been quarantined. The quarantine worked to help prevent the germs from goods passed this country to another country.
Some other documents:
– Certificate of Quality
– Certificate of Analysis
– Sanitary Certificate
– Fumigation Certificate

Cần tìm hiểu các giấy tờ xuất nhập khẩu hàng hóa cần thiết để công việc thuận tiện hơn

When you prepare it carefully, it becomes more and more convenient.

Mison Trans specializes in providing import and export services, we will help you prepare the necessary documents for import and export filed. Contact us via hotline 0903.601.713 or email Lp@misontrans.com to your work becomes more convenient and faster.

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