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Attentions of Exporting and Importing Activities

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Attentions of Exporting and Importing Activities


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Mison Trans’s import and export service will help you solve your problems quickly

Import and export activities are the exchange of goods and services carried out by Governments, organizations, individuals or entities between two or more countries.
Import-export service is a combination of foreign trade related activities such as banking, transportation, insurance, customs clearance and inspection registration procedures with state agencies.
Before exporting or importing goods, the entity must carry out procedures for import and export customs procedures as well as with state management agencies under regulations.

Attentions of Exporting and Importing Activities

1. Applying for import-export license

We do not to get license for general goods under local national law. But for special goods, restrictions goods or conditional licenses, it is necessary to have license from the authorities.
Import licenses are also made similar the export. However, goods imported in the countries will be closer inspection to ensure quality source.

2. Check the quality of the goods and the delivery/pickup export-import

This is a necessary work to ensure the right to importer, prevent the adverse consequences, responsibilities of the production stages and ensure the credibility for the exporter. Therefore, it should be checked the goods’ quantity and quality.

3. Renting vehicle transportation

* For the exporter:
– Contacting with shipping agents to get information about schedules and rates.
– Selecting reputable carrier and suitable schedule.
– Delivering to the carrier and get cargo receipt.
– Providing additional information to the carriers.
– Pay local charge to carrier and get Bill.

* For the importers:
It is the same as hired vehicles when exported. Importers should, however, cooperate with the exporter to know the schedule, the name and number of the transport, the time of departure, the estimated time of arrival, etc., to facilitate the work on the two side.


The process of import and export should be noted to avoid risks and earn the highest profits

4. Buy insurance (if applicable)

It is necessary to carefully review the contract and letter of credit, if the contract does not provide for insurance, then buy at the lowest insurance. Insurance is not compulsory for the importer. However, to avoid losses when risks occur during international carriage, the importers should consider it. Transactions insured by the importer performed similar the exporter.

5. Customs clearance

Before delivery onto means of transport, the exporter should declare customs for shipments to be exported, and the customs clearance follows the nation’s rules.
Customs clearance of imported goods is same as declaring exported goods. Noting to the commodity codes and apply tax rates. Applying the wrong code easily leads to administrative penalties and customs regulations on tax fraud.
Depending on the specific cases, the importer could send their request for release early and request for debt documents while customs procedures are carried out. In the event of unusual circumstances, the customs authority has the right to request the importer to explain the value or quantity of the goods cleared.

6. Payment confirmation

One of the important tasks in importing – exporting procedure is payments. These problems in payment often bring high risks for the exporter and importer. Therefore, examining carefully the contract and choosing the suitable payment method to limit the risks during payments stage.

7. Dispute resolution

If there are arising about the lack of goods, goods damaged or low quality goods, the complaint will take place. However, it is necessary to carefully check the contract terms and avoid regrettable mistakes for both sides.


Using Mison Trans Import – Export service to reduce concerns about customs clearance

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